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Saturday, January 24, 2009

What programs slow your Windows PC?

You may have a machine(PC) with cool configs that'll make your friend's jaws drop. But within a fortnight your much loved PC begins to perform at a slower pace - this trend keeps continuing until you find it to be dead slow.

Does opening a program in your computer give you a tea break? Do you spend lots of time waiting for programs to open or close? If the answer is YES - then you need to better look under the hood (Same as what your mechanic does when you drive your car to him). A recent finding by a popular computer magazine came up with the list of software's that were the major cause for PC's to run slowly.

Have a look at the list below and make a choice when you are installing these. Look for alternatives in the web for light-weight programs that'll be as good as these or sometimes better. For example, the first on the list is Norton - I had sensed this a few months back and from that time I use on NOD32 on my PC - it consumes very less memory and best is that it doesn't slow down my PC.

Time to look under the hood and make the right decision.


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