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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Zend Studio Enterprise

Zend Studio Enterprise | 72.94 MB

The World's most powerful PHP IDE

Proven Zend Studio technology powered by Eclipse
Zend Studio for Eclipse combines proven Zend technology and the Eclipse PHP Developers Tools (PDT) project to create the world̢۪s most powerful IDE for developing rich Web applications. By combining proven Zend PHP editor technology, integration with Zend Platform and Zend Core, built in database connectivity, integrated debugging , profiling, code coverage and testing capabilities, team support with extensible version control support, support for Zend Framework, support for Web Services, comprehensive with multi-language support and extensibility provided by the vibrant Eclipse open source community, developers have the tools they need for support of the entire PHP application lifecycle.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

PHP - Ebooks

following are some ebooks on php. more will be provided later...

Book -1

Wamp 2.0 : Apache, MySQL, PHP on Windows

WampServer is a Windows web development environment. It allows you to create web applications with Apache, PHP and the MySQL database. It also comes with PHPMyAdmin and SQLiteManager to easily manage your databases.

WampServer installs automatically (installer), and its usage is very intuitive. You will be able to tune your server without even touching the setting files.

WampServer is the only packaged solution that will allow you to reproduce your production server. Once WampServer is installed, you have the possibility to add as many Apache, MySQL and PHP releases as you want.

WampServer also has a trayicon to manage your server and its settings.
image menu WampServer


Double click on the downloaded file and just follow the instructions. Everything is automatic. The WampServer package is delivered whith the latest releases of Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Once WampServer is installed, you can add other releases by downloading them on this website. They will then appear in the WampServer menu and you will be able to switch releases with a simple click.
Each release of Apache, MySQL and PHP has its own settings and its own files (datas for MySQL).


WampServer's functionalities are very complete and easy to use so we won't explain here how to use them.

With a left click on WampServer's icon, you will be able to:
- manage your Apache and MySQL services
- switch online/offline (give access to everyone or only localhost)
- install and switch Apache, MySQL and PHP releases
- manage your servers settings
- access your logs
- access your settings files
- create alias

With a right click :
- change WampServer's menu language
- access this page

How to start

When you install WampServer, a "www" directory is created (generally c:\wamp\www). Create a directory inside for your project and put your PHP files in it.
Click on the link "Localhost" in the WampServer menu or open your browser and open the http://localhost address.

Add Apache, MySQL and PHP releases

WampServer allows you to install almost all the existing releases of Apache, PHP and MySQL so you can reproduce exactly the settings of your production server.
To add a new release, donwload it here and install it.

Then click on the WampServer menu and activate the release that you want to use.

Wait until the WampServer icon become white again and start to work.


WampServer is an open source project, free to use (GPL licence). If you think our work deserves it and you want to help us, you can make a donation with paypal.

WARNING : do not try to install WampServer 2 over WAMP5.
If WAMP5 is installed on your computer, save your data, uninstall it and delete the WAMP5 directory before installing WampServer 2.

Apache 2.2.11
PHP 5.2.9-2 + PECL
MySQL 5.1.33
size: 16Mb

Thursday, April 23, 2009

To generate Megaupload [MU] premium links (for Firefox)

To generate Megaupload [MU] premium links (for Firefox)
found this on this site:
you might want to install this add-on (no waiting time & auto-download) for making it easier too:

- install Flashget 1.73
- install Flashgot Firefox Plugin
- turn off and on Mozilla Firefox (to finish install Flashgot and connect with Flashget)
- make Flashget configuration: Tools --> Options -->Connection --> Max simultaneous jobs = 1
(1) open in FF browser Megaupload link
- write captha and press ENTER
- download with Flashgot
- choose SAVE TO location
- be sure, have u got enough HDD space
- press OK to download
- wait until program will reserve place on HDD
- PAUSE LINK after download 50KB

After generate all links run all jobs (select all links and click green play button)

PS: i think it does the same as Jdownloader, just search for it in google

Sunday, March 15, 2009

STDU Viewer Ver 1.5

STDU Viewer box
Are you tired from many viewers one for each document?
Do you want to have, one program for all your technical documentations, scientific books and so on?
Do you want to have program, which fast opens files, fast loads pages and fast renders page to screen?
And all of this in free software?

markView all most popular documents formats by one program.

STDU Viewer is a document viewer for multiple file formats. The goal of this software is to replace the multiple document viewers with a single simple application. STDU Viewer supports TXT, TIFF, PDF and DjVu documents format. This is most popular formats for scientific and technical documentation.

markUse content for quick jumping from one section to another.

STDU Viewer gives the possibility to show the content of documents for quick jumping from one section to another.

markCreate your own bookmarks for quick access to part of documents

You can create your own named bookmarks for easy access to part of document.

markSTDU Viewer free for non-commercial uses.

Yes. You can use this program without any fees.

Download STDU Viewer (1.5 MB)