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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Microsoft Visual C Sharp 2005 Unleashed

Book Description
Setting the standard for a premium C# reference, Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Unleashed provides practical examples for virtually every aspect of the C# programming language. The book is structured for progressive learning, so it can be read cover-to-cover or used as a comprehensive reference guide. You will be exposed to everything from low-level information on the Garbage Collector to advanced concepts, such as creating applications that use Enterprise Services, creating Web Services, and even advanced Windows GUI. Chapters include:
Expressions and Control Structures
UI Controls
Code Access Security
Peer-to-Peer Applications

About the Author
Kevin Hoffman has been programming since he was 10 years old. His grandfather repaired an old Commodore VIC-20 that someone had thrown away. Armed with his wirebound BASIC programming manual, a VIC-20 and “slowed” floppy drive from a Commodore 64, he was already creating text-based roleplaying games. He went on to learn just about every programming language he could find, including Pascal, C, C++, Delphi, Scheme, LISP, ASA, Perl, and many others. After learning all the languages he could find, he finally found C#, his Holy Grail of programming languages, and has been addicted to programming with C# on the .NET Framework ever since.

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